An Outline for Writing a Great Product Review
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An Outline for Writing a Great Product Review

This is an outline for creating a great product review. There are different types of product reviews and these are described in detail in this article. Regardless of what type of product review you create, the same outline can be used to write any product review.

Product reviews are found all over the web. Product reviews are tremendously useful for a lot of people and are utilized more often than you imagine. When deciding whether or not to buy new dolls on the market, whether or not to read a book or even try a novel restaurant thousands of readers will search out product reviews.

As a freelance writer you can even earn a great income writing product reviews. Designing and writing an extraordinary product review takes a great outline. This is tool to use for writing a product review you can be proud of.

There are three different kinds of reviews that a writer can use when developing a product review. Deciding which one will work best depends on what your experience was with the product.

Neutral product review-this type of review is written if you are not putting a personal spin on the product. Basically you are simply stating the facts. You are not endorsing or discouraging the product. Many times your information is generally explaining a method, approach or description of the product.

Positive product review-this type of review is encouraging, endorsing, upholding or supporting the product. You will state the facts, but also provide advantages of the product. You can also include disadvantages. However, the disadvantages or cons of the item are usually down played.

Personal product review-personal reviews are developed from actual use of a product. This can be negative or positive depending upon your personal experience with the product. This is written in first person account format

Negative product review-negative reviews don’t necessarily need to be a personal experience with a product. Negative reviews may be from research performed about a product or feedback from users that have personally used the product.

No matter what type of product review you write, there are some basics that should be included. These are the basics that are necessary to write a great product review.

A description

Begin writing your review with a description of the product. What is the product that you are reviewing? Don’t assume your reader knows exactly what a product is. When a description is provided give a detailed report or narrative of the product. Size, shape, colors available and even what retailer a product can be purchased at can be included.

You can also include material about the company that manufactures the product when you write your product review. A little background information on the company is always a nice touch.


There are times when the purpose of the product is necessary to write the product review. A number of products don’t require a purpose explanation. If you are reviewing a book it will not be necessary to describe the purpose. Though describing some items may mean the general purpose is needed for the reader to understand what the product is and how it works.

Part of the purpose description can also include whether there is a target audience for the product. For an example, if you are describing an electric scooter targeted for preteens include this information. Who does the product appeal to?

Opinion of the product

Nearly all product reviews will require an opinion. There are some situations where your opinion is not necessary. Some writers will create a review for a client or source where personal opinions are not necessary. In these cases you may be asked to compare this product with other similar or like products in order to demonstrate if the product is good or bad. However, for the majority of product reviews your opinion is needed.

Even if you have not personally used a product you can still provide an opinion of an item for a product review. Describe what appeals most to you about the product. What are the advantages or disadvantages? Did you note any pros and cons? Give a thorough opinion and demonstrate or support why you feel one way or another.


Recommendations are a way to make a conclusion for a product review. Your closing paragraph should be used to let a reader know why you would or would not recommend the product you have reviewed. When making a positive recommendation, keep it professional. Don’t make your product review a marketing pitch. You are not selling this particular product. Remember you are writing a review of the product.

This is a general overview or outline to use for writing a product review. This outline can be extremely useful in writing product reviews. It is easier to review a product that you have personally used. However, you can construct a product review on anything, whether you have personally used it or not.

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Comments (3)

Very good and helpful information.

I'll keep these things in mind in doing my product reviews. Thanks!

Very informative article..Thanks a lot for sharing :)