Book Production Process
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Book Production Process

Book Production Process. As dull as this may sound, it is actually very exciting for authors to see their creations come to life and wind up on store shelves. Without these books you would not have movies like Harry Potter or miniseries like True Blood.

A lot goes into the process of publishing a book. Of course the first thing that needs to happen is an author needs to fabricate a story and write it. The next step would be the copyright if you were like me and don’t trust anyone. After which you will send it in to your agent if you have one. He or she will send it to the publisher interested and work out the contract details.

Once it makes it to the publisher, the next process is editing. Some editors make the necessary changes for you while others make their marks and send it back to the author for corrections. Once the editing phase is completed, the next step is text production. This is the stage where the edited text is formatted to whatever size and type of book or books being produced.

Once the format or formats are completed, it moves on to cover design. This is where your book can be made or broken. A good designer will read the book entirely before designing the ideal cover. Others skim over it and come up with their ideas. Whatever the case, the cover is what catches the eyes of the consumer. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, well that may be the case but the cover does help sell it.

Once the cover is designed, everything is sent off to production where the books are printed. Some publishers are print to order while others print large quantities and store them for sales. This is where the edition comes into play. First edition or first printings are the rare copies that often become collector’s editions.

Once the product has been made and stored in a warehouse or some sort of storage facility the marketing that has already begun will attract the retailers who may have even preordered stock already. This is why marketing and smart advertisements are good. Sales can pick up much faster if you have advertised the product within the proper channels and markets for consumers to be made aware of its existence.

As dull as this may sound, it is actually very exciting for authors to see their creations come to life and wind up on store shelves. Without these books you would not have movies like Harry Potter or miniseries like True Blood. Next time you hear someone say that books or reading sucks, tell them that you need both to create movies and television shows.

Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”


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Comments (9)

This is great info as I am writing a poem book now and also working on another book. Thanks for this as I am keeping it for myself.

Great info and truly inspiring. I can't wait seeing my own book awaiting to be sold at bookstores.

To Jackie and Dep Blue, I am a published author within a group of other published authors committed to helping others learn about the process and business of writing and successfully publishing books. It's not easy to get noticed by big name publishers and many are forced into taking deals through other venues and some are crooked while others may be more lucrative in the long run than with a larger publisher. We make it a point to share this nformation with others. You can find me on FB for more information that may not be allowed on this site. I have a author fan page. Thank you.

I often wondered how authors feel when they see their book offered in a bargain price bin.

Authors are usually paid upfront along with royalties after the publisher has made back the money they fronted to the author. Having a book in the bargain bin only means that the retailer is selling the book for a price closer to what they paid for it or even taking a loss by marking it lower. This is a marketing tool whiich they make for by marking other items up. That's a marketing article though. lol

Kevin, I had no idea about the bargin book and uping the price and marketing. WOW, what an eye opener, you really know your stuff. Thanks as have a poem book I want to publish soon.

Authors have no control over the pricing unless it is in their contracts. If you self publish through some of the sites I have mentioned, you have some control over price settings so long as the publisher gets their shares. The lowest I have found thus far is if you self publish. The owner Scott Weisenthal works for NBC Universal and is actually quite nice and professional about aswering ur questions as well as personally aiding us with issues we are having. I have yet to find another site thatis aas helpful, though has a site called createspace which is prety close to being as helpful but they also ask for more than OTBS and has a lower proffit margin for authors. It is very helpful to know and understand the marketing system if you self publish as you will have to advertise for yourself to get your books noticed and in stores unless you hire or outsource this part of your project.


did you mind sending me the full details abouth your book

@Emerald, you asked for full details on my book. Are you wanting to know where you can purchase one? I have four books out currently on amazon: Wrath, Athyxian Chronicles: Reign of Viscus, Athyxian Chronicles: Minions of the Servant; Athyxian Chronicles: An Assassin's Revenge. All are published in kindle formats and paperback formats on Hope that is the info you were asking for.