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In this report and are both great websites for purchasing candy at both wholesale and retail. They both have attractive websites that appeal to both corporate and juvenile customers. They both have huge varieties of candies and a quick search format allowing you to easily find what you want. Having a budget does not mean you can not shop here. These websites both have affordable prices along with great discounts for bulk purchases and better discounts for purchases that surpass $250. They both have modern and retro types of candy so you can find almost any type of candy you want.

#1 - CandyDirect is an online and offline retailer of candy and is considered the "Candy Kingdom". The website has a format for users who want to get their candy bought quickly. Upon entering the website, there are various candies on display with their prices and package amount.

Candy Direct also have a variety of sweets to choose from. Their homepage includes customized groups of candy varying from "top sellers" to "sugar free candy". Candy Direct also offers candy from different popular brands including Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Tootsie Roll, Cadbury Adams, and much more.

Features of Candy Direct:

  • They have a live help service on the homepage.
  • They also offer shipping and returns.
  • They have a 10 day return policy.
  • They allow you to send gift packages of candy neatly wrapped for special events.
  • You can order your candy and buy all at once.
  • Easy navigation website allows you to search for your favorite candy easily.
  • Wish list feature.
  • Friendly service for customers.
  • Huge discounts for wholesale customers.

Candy Direct is less attractive to children and most of them are more likely to navigate away from the website.

Candy Direct has affordable prices with huge discounts for large amounts of candy purchased. They have deals and special prices on different candies and bigger deals for wholesale accounts. They also offer 10% discount off displayed items. Visit this link to activate it.

Common Candy Price Comparison

1) Three Musketeers 2.13 oz (regular) candy bars, 36 bars: Cost $28.95 at Candy Direct and $36.00 at Candy Warehouse.

2) Twix regular sized candy bars, 36 bars: Cost $28.95 at Candy Direct and $36.00 at Candy Warehouse.

3) Snickers Candy Bars, 48 bars: Cost $41.75 at Candy Direct and $48.00 at Candy Warehouse.

4) Lemon Drops, 5 lb bag: Cost $18.95 at Candy Direct and $29.50 at Candy Warehouse.

#2 - Candy Warehouse is an online candy store known to be America's favorite. Upon entering the website, you find a very attractive theme that draws the attention of children and brings back the child in us all.

Candy Warehouse has a huge variety of sweets and treats including sweets from the past to modern updated candies. They have candies made for special events and holidays and rare treats unlikely to be found in the usual candy store. The special features of Candy Warehouse are:

  •  Makes it easier to find the candy you once loved with a nostalgic section of past sweets.
  •  The variety of available candies to choose from.
  •  Its organized structure of the website makes it easier to find your favorite types of candy.
  •  Its variety of themed candy.
  •  Its attractive website with luscious sweets and chocolate images.
  •  It also has candy from popular brands of modern and retro times.
  •  It also has games for kids and juvenile adults.

Candy Warehouse does not illustrate a money back guarantee in their website and this can be quite unappealing to some customers who are afraid of shopping online. They also do not have a gift feature

Candy Warehouse has affordable prices for each candy type and theme and also has discounts depending on the overall amount of candy bought. This discount can be quite bulky if the order is bulky. They also have a 5% Cash Back reward for users of eBates. They also have a 10% coupon code. Visit this link to activate it.

Featured candies of Candy Warehouse are:

1) Big Binks 2-Pound Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny Gift for $49.50

2) SweetTarts Chicks - Ducks - Bunnies Candy: 12 Ounce Bag for only $3.50

3) SweetTarts Gummy Bunnies: 14 Ounce Bag for only $3.50

4) Mini Cadbury Candy Eggs: 18 Ounce Bag for $8.90

5) Marshmallow Peeps Candy 5 - Packs: 24 CT Box for $24.00

6) Branch's Wrapped Marshmallow Easter Eggs: 15 Piece Bag for $3.00

Some Common Candy Price Comparison 

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 1.5 oz (regular) size, 36 counts: $36.00 at Candy Warehouse and $38.00 at Candy Direct.

The Bottom Line

Both sites are great for shopping for candy. is more likely preferred by children and juvenile adults. It has an attractive theme that interests the customer to look around. It is also for those who would like to make quick searches and also enjoy the theme while buying their favorite candy. It also offers a 10% discount coupon, (visit to activate it). Candy warehouse also has a game section for young customers keeping them occupied. This site will also interest those who prefer to shop retail than to buy candy wholesale. Also ebate users will benefit on this site with its 5% cash back feature. Candy Warehouse sells most of their candy bars at $1.00 each which would benefit most customers. is a very useful website for those in a rush and need to make bulk purchases while saving time. It is perfect for wholesale and corporate customers giving them the ability to buy huge amounts of candy. It also gives discounts for large purchases. It is a relief for customers that do not trust the internet for it offers a return service on their homepage. The website also offers 10% discount on displayed items, (visit to activate it.) Some of their items are cheaper than Candy Warehouse. Candy Warehouse sells most of their regular sized candy bars at $1.00 each. 

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