Facts and Review About CamelBak Bite-Sip-Go Water Bottles
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Facts and Review About CamelBak Bite-Sip-Go Water Bottles

CamelBak has a variety of different water bottles and other hydration products. Their water bottles are spill-proof due to their bite valve and are BPA free.

CamelBak’s history started back in 1988 when a bicyclist was on a 100 mile road race during a very hot summer in Texas. It was difficult to find a place to refill a water bottle and water was something that was very important to stay hydrated and keep up in the race. A man by the name of Michael Eidson, who was an emergency medical technician, filled up an IV bag with water, put it in a sock, then put the hose over his shoulder and sipped from it as he rode his bike in the race. This was a perfect hydration device and an easy way to stay hydrated as he rode. Today, there are a variety of different CamelBak hydration products available including water bottles and packs.

The CamelBak Bite-Sip-Go water bottles are all BPA free. What does that mean? BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that is used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins. They have been using this industrial chemical since the 1960s.  BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics. These plastics have been used in cups, baby bottles and water bottles. The BPA that is found in epoxy resins have been used inside food cans, baby formula cans and bottle tops. Studies show that BPA can get into your food, beverages or your body from the water bottles or other containers that they are stored in. Studies show that there may be health effects from BPA on the brain and prostate glands of unborn babies, infants and children. The CamelBak water bottles doesn’t have BPA in them.

CamelBak Bite-Sip-Go water bottles are completely spill-proof. You can lay this water bottle down on its side or tip it upside down and it will never spill out or leak. The reason that it is completely spill-proof is because of the bite valve that is on the bottle. In order to get any water or any other beverage out, you need to bite on the bite valve for anything to come out of the bottle. The bite valve opens easily by biting down and automatically closes when you are not biting down on the bite valve. This is especially perfect for little children.

The CamelBak water bottle has a straw in the bottle. There is no need to tip the bottle over to drink from it.  Just keep the bottle upright, bite on the bite valve, suck up through the straw and the water or other beverage will come out very easily. There are no worries for little kids getting too much out at one time with the bite valve and straw.

CamelBak water bottles come in a variety of different sizes. There is a .6L (20 oz) Groove water bottle which has a water filter inside of the water bottle. This water bottle automatically filters fresh water as you bite down on the bite valve and drink up through the straw. The water filter is built right into the straw. There is also the Better Bottle .75L (25 oz) which is the spill-proof hydration bottle. CamelBak makes a .5L (16 oz.) stainless insulated Better Bottle water bottle. This bottle is stainless steel and like the other water bottles, is taste-free and 100% BPA free. The stainless steel bottle has no liners or plastic coatings that most aluminum bottles have. The stainless steel water bottle has a micro welded double wall insulation that helps keep the water and other beverages cool for hours. CamelBak makes a .6L (20 oz) insulated Better Bottle. This water bottle is a double walled insulation that helps keep the cold in even on hot summer days. This double wall bottle reduces the condensation on the bottle. There are two kids’ size bottles. They have a .4L (12 oz) BPA free Tritan water bottle that like the others is completely spill-proof. Not only is this bottle BPA free, but it is also stain resistant and taste free. There are 6 different colors/adventure images depending on the gender of the child. The second kids’ size water bottle is a stainless steel .4L (12 oz) bottle. This bottle has 3 different colors/images. This CamelBak kids’ size water bottle also has the bite valve and straw in the bottle so there is no leaking or spilling.

The bite valve flips over easily and flips down just as easily. This is easy for storage and traveling. There is no need to worry about any leaking from the bite valve when it is opened or closed.

All of the CamelBak water bottle products are completely reusable and BPA free. This product is taste free, durable, portable and convenient. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. If you are using the Groove water bottle, you will need to remove the filter first before placing the bottle into the dishwasher.  All the other parts of the Groove water bottle is completely dishwasher safe.

CamelBak has a lifetime guarantee on all of their water bottles. They stand behind their products and guarantees a warranty from any manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product. They will repair or replace any manufacture defects free of charge if it isn’t from the normal wear and tear or negligence of the user.

Resources: http://www.camelbak.com/Sports-Recreation/Bottles/Better-Bottle-75L.aspx


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