Jackass the Video Game Review (PS2)
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Jackass the Video Game Review (PS2)

Jackass the video game for the Playstation2 is sure to entertain any fan of the notorious show. This is not a family game but plays like one on an adult level of entertainment.

Jackass has been a favorite pastime for many MTV viewers and even those who don’t normally watch MTV have become fans of the extremists that created and continue to captivate audiences worldwide with their bazaar skits and stunts. The television show became so popular that movies have been made. Well believe it or not, they have also made video games based on this show. This review is for Jackass the game for Playstation2 systems.


This game was released in 2006. It has Crude Humor; Language; Mild Blood; Suggestive Themes; Violence; and is rated M for Mature audiences. Aside from the obvious warnings listed on this video game, it is very entertaining. It has a single player mode, two player mode, and even has games tht allow up to four participants one at a time to compete. During competitions, consider any Olympic video games that you have played and add the Jackass theme to it. This is 100 times better than what you might come up with off of that.


In single player mode you have stunts to complete and get footage while you complete the tasks for the stunt and unlock various things in the game as well as make enough money for each episode that you film to unlock the next episode of stunts to film. With this money you can unlock items, characters, outfits and props, and even video cinematics.

The entertainment quality is very crude humor but for those of us who enjoy that line of humor this game is sure to tickle our fancy. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate this as a 9. It isn’t overly challenging but just enough to make you push your hand/eye coordination a bit more than you might like. You can choose which character you want to play as and even re-film an episode with characters you unlocked.

With so many stunts from Elephant Poo Dive to Grenade Golphing this game is never dull. If the game doesn’t entertain you I can tell you that the music will. For all of us Jackass fans who enjoy watching other idiots perform stunts that could do more than maim a man, then check out the following links:




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Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”

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