Lazarro Closed C Flute Review
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Lazarro Closed C Flute Review

The Lazarro flute is an inexpensive student flute with surprisingly good quality and sound. While band teachers may sneer at this little instrument it is the only one in my daughter's class that did not require repairs during the course of the school year. The only drawback is in the tinted coating which began to chip off within a few weeks of steady use.

When my daughter decided to join band I agreed to purchase a flute from the school – until I discovered how much it was going to cost. For this single mother, $700+ for an instrument that probably won’t get played past high school was completely out of my price range. However, my daughter really wanted to take the class so I went off in search of an instrument that I could afford.

The Lazarro Closed C flute comes in an assortment of colors and is available from several retailers online. The reviews on eBay were very good (several were from band teachers) so I asked my daughter’s band teacher her opinion. Her reply: if it doesn’t come from the school’s sanctioned supplier it is junk and will fall apart within days.

I considered this and then realized something: even if my daughter went through several of these flutes I would STILL end up paying less than what the band teacher desired. When my daughter fell in love with the blue one I made my decision and ordered the instrument.

The flute is light but sturdy. The tone is clear and the buttons easy for my daughter to press. Ignoring the doom and gloom predictions of the band teacher I insisted that my daughter use this flute.

Over the past school year in band class my daughter’s flute is the ONLY one that did not require repairs. I had my daughter play this flute as well as a school flute for sound comparisons at the end of the school year and to my surprise the Lazarro flute had better tone. I asked my daughter which instrument she preferred – the school flute or her Lazarro. She replied that her Lazarro flute was lighter and therefore easier to hold and play.

Unfortunately, while the tone and overall construction were good the tinted blue coating was not. Within weeks the coating started to chip off and we eventually had to strip the majority of it just to make the flute look decent. Both my daughter and I wish that we had purchased the plain silver flute instead of the colored one as a result.

For the upcoming school year I plan to annoy her band teacher again and purchase another Lazarro flute – a silver one this time. She can use the blue one for practice at home and keep it around for a spare. Even with the purchase of a second flute I will still be spending MUCH less than the band teacher demanded.

If you are in search of an inexpensive student flute please consider the silver Lazarro flutes. While the tinting on the colored flutes may chip off the sound and overall quality is excellent for the average band student.

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Comments (1)

I hate to say it, but as a band director I have had exactly the opposite experience with this brand!  I never recommend it to families because they end up spending double the cost in repairs or maintenance. You are the first I have encountered that had a good experience with the brand. Perhaps thanks to you and your daughters care of the instrument :) However, I am also not the crazy band director that thinks every student needs a brand new $700 instrument. I know that is just silly to ask of parents. I always recommend looking online for quality used instruments that run between $150-300. These tend to last longer, have fewer maintanence issues, have a better tone quality and easier tone prodcution for beginners and have a higher resale value for those who may have students quit band. Woodwind Brasswind online is a great place, as is Amazon and Ebay. But your best bet may be just asking around the community. Band instruments tend to pop up everywhere once you start looking. Fair quality brands to look for include: Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Pearl, Jupiter, Bundy and Armstrong :)