Mail Order Brides
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Mail Order Brides

Are mail order brides considered a product available in the market? If so then where do we draw the line and call it a different form of prostitution?

Most men have debated the idea of a mail order bride or if they have not yet they may in the future. Statistically this is how so many foreigners become American citizens. It is not always necessarily through an agency. Sometimes a foreign individual meets someone and they hit it off or it is a con from the start.

Mail Order Bride sites exist. They are very popular and if you look them up you will find things as I have in order to write this article. Most seem to be Russian brides that are available. You also have Korean, Filipino, German, Japanese and a few others to choose from. One site in particular also has their brides segregated not just by ethnicity, but by age categories.

In 1990 the Philippine congress enacted Republic Act 6955 which prohibits organizing or facilitating the marriage of Filipinas to foreign men. The United States is against prostitution however they only have H.R. 3402: Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005. It states only rules and guidelines to follow in order to procure a mail order bride in the U.S.

1. The man must complete a questionnaire on his criminal and marital background.

2. The man must be free of ever being diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder.

3. The seller must obtain the man's record from the National Sex Offenders Public Registry database [2].

4. The questionnaire and record must be translated to the woman's native language and provided to her.

5. The woman must certify that she agrees to permit communication.

6. A lifetime limit of two (2) fiancé visas is imposed, with a waiver required for the approval of any subsequent fiancé visa.

This is a subject that many either overlook or argue back and forth about whether or not it is even ethical or humane. Even with rules and guideline, having an organization selling women really sounds like another form of legalized prostitution. If someone meets a random woman or man while visiting a foreign country I could understand having such rules for admitting a new citizen. If we were to start such an organization in the U.S. it would be a crime. So why would we allow such transactions to occur and create laws regarding it if our country does not have mail order bride organizations of our own?

If the U.S. is making laws to make it more ethical to the general public, does that mean that it will eventually be legal to create such a business on our own U.S. soil? Some states legalized prostitution so it wouldn’t be completely impossible with modern day politicians. Our current president has authorized the construction of a Mosque near Ground Zero. This is separate issue but the point is made that our government contradicts its own laws at times just for their own agendas.

Mail Order Bride sites are all over the web. They promote international marriages and allow the means for terrorists to enter our country and become citizens. Some of these marriages work out but others are shams and those that don’t work out leave the ex wife a new American citizen. Is this ethical? Is this humane? With all of the immigration policies our government is barking over Mexican or Cuban immigrants that jump the border illegally one would think businesses such as these would be band here in the good old USA.

Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”

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Comments (3)

It's the little touches that make things entertaining for me, such as your inclusion of the biohazard symbol, for example! Got a good chuckle out of that.

And in depth analysis of the existing issue. The sites are all there whether it be e-harmony or the like they seem to offer the ideal dream of every human being in need. But of course it's a business.

There are many introduction agencies in the Philippines because those women want a way out of the country and live in reach countries, for financial reasons and better living conditions.. Most guys from the USA, Canada, UK or Australia hire introduction agencies because they only have a couple of weeks to spend in the Philippines. Introduction agencies can help you to find Philippine brides that are matched to you much faster than you can by yourself.