New Bounce Dryer Bar Fabric Softener for Your Laundry ~ a Thorough Review
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New Bounce Dryer Bar Fabric Softener for Your Laundry ~ a Thorough Review

I tested the new Bounce Dryer Bar thoroughly and have mixed feelings about the product. Includes pros and cons.

This is my review of the Bounce Dryer Bar. This dryer bar is designed to simplify how you do laundry. It is a scented dryer bar that looks just like a bar of soap. They come in a 2 month bar for $5.49 and a 4 month bar for $8.99. I tried the 2 month dryer bar and have been using it for the past 7 weeks. The scent I tried was called Fresh Linen it also is available in Outdoor Fresh. The cost is about the same as an 80 count box of dryer sheets.

It comes in a nice sturdy package with clear directions on how to use it. It says to simply stick the bar onto your dryer drum and that's exactly what I did. The first time I used it the bar slipped out of it's holster and was clunking around with the clothes. It sounded just like sneakers in the dryer so I heard it immediately and reattached the bar. I have been using the dryer bar for the last 7 months and it has not happened again since that time. After the first week of using the bar I noticed that the bar changed from white to being stained black after I put in a dark load. This worried me because I had to put in whites afterwards but it did not hurt my whites in any way however, the black never did come off. To this day, 7 weeks later, the bar is still stained black.

I have mixed feelings about the product, I'll start with the positives. It is so freeing to be able to stick the bar on and forget about putting a fabric softener sheet in with each load. Plus, you don't have to fuss with the sheets turning up inside your clothes, in sheets or becoming scattered all over the floor of your laundry room. It's a huge time saver and I love it for that reason alone. I like how long the bar lasts and it definitely saves money in the long run. The clothes come out fine, not great or richly scented like what I am used to but they are acceptable. I think they need to tweak the formula a bit and the next paragraph will explain all of that.

The scent of the bar is very faint. It was noticeable for the first week but I could hardly smell it afterwards and I never can smell it on my clothes after they are out of the dryer. The Bounce Dryer Bar does absolutely nothing for static cling. In all my years of doing laundry I had never had a problem with static cling. To the point where I was not even sure that static cling existed. Well, the dryer bar introduced me to static cling for the first time and it sure is annoying.

It is now my 7th week using the dryer bar and I do 10 loads of laundry each week and I always use the highest heat setting. I'm not sure if it matters but I have a Kenmore Elite dryer. The bar still looks as if it could go for another month. The box says that around this time I should be seeing the orange part of the holster but I still have half a bar there so that is good.

I really like the idea of the Bounce Dryer Bar but it did only a fair job of softening and freshening my clothes. They should attempt to improve on the dryer bar because it could be an indispensable laundry product in the future ,but it needs work. The bar is extremely convenient; however, I would only use it if I were willing to trade quality for convenience. I will be returning to my Arm & Hammer Wet Dryer Cloths after the Bounce Dryer Bar is all used up.

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Comments (3)

Thanks for this review. As far as I'm concerned, eliminating static cling is the main reason to use a fabric softener in the dryer. It's nice to know in advance what will not work for my purposes.

Thanks for the review. I'll stick to my dryer sheets!

Debbie James

The Bounce Dryer Bar is an amazing invention this product even won an Edison Award. I love my Bounce Bar it just rests against the dryer drum and does all the work of a dryer sheet for 2 months. The clothes smell great and come out static free.