New CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion, Volume + Length Mascara Product Review, My Honest Opinion
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New CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion, Volume + Length Mascara Product Review, My Honest Opinion

I just tried CoverGirl's 3 newest mascaras called LashBlast Volume, LashBlast Length and LashBlast Fusion and each of them are very different but one reigned supreme. Please read my review below.

I just tried CoverGirl's newest mascara called LashBlast Fusion and my overall reaction is that it is good. It's not the best mascara I have ever tried but it is one of CoverGirl's best mascaras.

Let me first disclose that I received this particular tube of mascara as a full sized sample because I am a member of a website called Bzzagent that sends me new products to test out in return for my unbiased opinions. I tried the color "very black" it comes in a purple tube.

This is not the only mascara I have tried from CoverGirl lately. Prior to getting the LashBlast Fusion mascara I tried 2 other recently released formulas from CoverGirl. One was called CoverGirl LashBlast Length that came in a yellow tube and LashBlast Volume that came in an orange tube. LashBlast Fusion is supposed to be a combination of LashBlast Length and LashBlast Volume so that you don't have to use 2 separate mascaras to achieve the look you want.

When I tried LashBlast Volume (in the orange package I was not impressed at all. The brush was humongous it looked like I could poke my eye out with this thing and the formula was not anything special. After applying one coat it was as if I had not applied any mascara at all. It just hardly showed up at all on my lashes. The second coat was not that much better, now this was concerning to me because I am a blonde so my lashes are blonde too. The color I was applying was "black-brown" and I could have gotten my lashes as dark as this by just brushing them with water. So, if you are going to buy a CoverGirl mascara make sure you buy "very black". Don't worry it is not as dark as it sounds.

covergirl lashblast Volume mascara, mascara, lashblast Volume, covergirl

I was not at all pleased with my first CoverGirl mascara experience but then they released a new mascara called LashBlast Length. This one came in a yellow tube and the brush was long and skinny so I thought I would give it a try. I figured this time I will get black instead of black-brown and the long slim brush looked more like what I am used to using so I was hoping that this would be the perfect mascara for me. Nope, this one was useless too. I preferred the skinnier brush to the fat one but the formula was just not good at all. The first coat looked as if there was barely any mascara on my lashes and the second coat didn't help much.

Now, after spending $20.00 on those 2 CoverGirl mascaras that I will never use again I was sent a third new Covergirl mascara through Bzzagent. Luckily I didn't have to pay for this one, I requested a "very black" one this time because of my bad luck with the lighter colors. This mascara is called LashBlast Fusion and it promises that I don't have to choose between volume and length because this mascara provides both. It comes in a purple tube with one of those fat brushes that I am scared of. It turns out that "very black" is the color to go with and the formula is much better than it's predecessors. No flaking, no smudges it goes on clean and stays where you put it. A second coat makes it look just perfect. I got used to that big bad brush eventually and can honestly say that it is a good mascara. It's not my favorite mascara but it will do. It is many times better than the first 2 I tried. It's a little difficult to remove at night but it's not that much of a problem.

covergirl lashblast fusion mascara, mascara, lashblast fusion, covergirl

So the winner is CoverGirl's LashBlast Fusion (the purple one) in the color very black. It is a good mascara for everyday wear and while I would never recommend the first 2 mascaras I reviewed I would definitely recommend Covergirl's LashBlast Fusion variety. It seems like they are continuing to get better and better with each mascara they release.

Lashblast Fusion is available in 4 different colors which are very black, black, black-brown and brown. It is widely available at just about every drugstore chain and most grocery stores carry it. The retail price ranges from 9-10 dollars.

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Comments (9)

An excellent cosmetic review.

Thanks, I tried the lashblast, which I found to be just OK, but I really disliked the lashblast lengths, I am glad you reviewed this because maybe there is hope

Good article! T'd

Nice article. When I have the time to go to a boutique I'll definitely look out for this one.

Good stuff. I have dark curly lashes and with that I am fortunate, but I've always considered mascara to be my best tool. My complaint with CG products is their uneven consistence. Loreal has the best brushes but their product is often lumpy and and the package dating is unreliable so it can turn dry in a sealed package without even climate issues creeping in. Then there' are us contact lens wearers who have to be careful with flicking fibers and problems with some waterproof products.. For under $20, nothing is ideal. My experience has showed me that Maybeline is the LEAST irritating for contact wearers, Loreal is a good lash builder, and Revlon is the easiest to use with the truest color. I usually combine products, wear a black lashbuilder on the top lashes, a fine dark brown on the lower, and use waterproof for days where it's supposed to rain. But the real high effect is for when I have to work onstage, and we go directly to false individul lashes. It's the best if you've got 45 minutes to devote to this. Did I mention I really like this article! .imz

Thanks to everyone for reading and voting up my new article I promise to repay the favor on your articles :o) Ileen, I have had exactly the same experience that you had with those brands it is as if you were reading my mind. Out of all the mascaras under $20 my favorite is Maybelline Lash Stylist. If I am in the mood to splurge I always go with Lancome. I have never thought of using a separate mascara for my lower lashes but it does make sense. That tip will fix the problem I am having with using the huge CG brush, I'll use the Lash stylist comb on the lower ones instead. Thanks!


Rachel, the sign of a great person is their generosity...You are a great person. I am learning so much as I follow along with you. Thank you...You inspire me!

I liked your review. hope the bee guys land in India. would be wonderful. voted