Norwalk Juicer - Why is It The Best Juicer Available?
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Norwalk Juicer - Why is It The Best Juicer Available?

Norwalk juicer is the first juicer that was produced. It is also the best juicer available in terms of the quality of juice produced.

Norwalk juicer is the best juicer available in market today. It is well-known for the quality of juice it produces. It is scientifically proven that the proportion of nutrients in the juice, produced by Norwalk juicers, is very high compared to that in the pulp. Norwalk juicers are manufactured by Norwalk, the leader in juicer industry.

Components of a Norwalk juicer

A Norwalk juicer consists of two components/sections: A triturating cutter or grinder, where the flesh is cut and ripped away from the produce, and a presser, where the produce is put into linen bags and pressed between two plates made of stainless steel.

Norman Wardhaugh Walker, the man who invented Norwalk juicer

Norwalk juicer is named after Norman Wardhaugh Walker. He was a pioneer in vegetable and fruit juicing, and nutritional health. He designed the Norwalk hydraulic press juicer, the first juicing machine, in 1934. He lived 99 years, advocating the role of fruit and vegetable juices in maintaining good health. His life stands as a testimony to the fact that vegetable and fruit juices are essential for good health.


The Norwalk juicer Model 275 is available in various colors: Stainless steel, Red, Green, Black, White, Burgundy, Yellow, Blue, Tan and Oak. The juicer costs $2495 for a Stainless steel finish and $2395 for a color finish. The Norwalk juicer package includes

  • A Norwalk juicer with all accessories 
  • A set of four dacron filter bags.
  • A set of four dacron filter cloths.
  • An instruction manual.
  • An instructional dvd.
  • A UHMW Polyethylene pusher.
  • Eight grids.
  • A Blue throwback lid.


  1. Norwalk juicer presses foods with a force of 2000 pounds. This makes sure that a high volume of juice is extracted from the pulp and most of the nutrients are passed from the pulp to the juice.
  2. Its filters are of various sizes. Hence, the use is not limited to preparing juices. You can even use it to grind grains, seeds, pepper and coffee beans. If you want to grind wheatgrass, grind it along with some firm vegetable to prevent heating the juicer up.
  3. There is a 12-year warranty for the product for personal use and a 2-year warranty for commercial use.
  4. The entire juicer is made of steel. So, it is highly durable.
  5. Due to the pressing technique used, the amount of oxidation and pulp in the juice is minimal. Thus, the juice produced is of superior quality and can be stored with the nutrients intact for three days.
  6. It produces more juice per pound in comparison to other juicers.
  7. The juicing process is fast and easy.
  8. It is easy to clean the juicer.
  9. Norwalk juicer produces juices, from pulp, that are rich in nutrients which can be easily absorbed by the cells in the body, which makes up for human body's inability to extract nutrients out of pulp effectively.


  1. The filter bags take a little longer to wash.
  2. The machine weighs 58 pounds. So, you can't move it around easily.

What customers say

"Been using a Norwalk since 1996; one of the best investments I ever made. Making juice is just a part of its value; I use the triturator to prep veggies for soups/salads far more than I juice these days. I figure I have juiced 5+ tons of produce with it over the years, and its still going strong."


I give 4.9 stars for this juicer. I didn't give it 5 because of its cost. If you plan to buy a juicer, Norwalk juicer is the best candidate available. Though Norwalk juicer is costly, it is extremely superior to other juicers in terms of the quality of juice produced and durability.


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