Oishi Q-Cobs Review
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Oishi Q-Cobs Review

A product review of Q-Cobs from Oishi

Snacking with a unique snack like these Q-cobs, are an ingenious afternoon delicacy from Oishi, the very same people who created Marty’s Cracklings and the ever-loved Oishi prawn sticks. Q-cobs combine great taste along with a great price. The snack was bought at a 7-11 at Eastwood Citywalk, Libis for the said trial. The label of the cover looks fun and appealing, giving the snack a more casual feel that is suitable for short parties, poker games and simple snacking while watching your favorite television shows at night.

The shape of the snack itself is a little humourous yet it maintains a shape that is easily good enough to eat. Think of a small, hollowed-out corn on a cob with a crisp texture suited for heavy and quick munching. This is a barbeque snack that gives some barbeque snacks like Granny Goose's Kornets and Chippy from Jack and Jill, a run for their money. Flavor-wise, the snack's take on the barbeque taste is just right, a little beefy with a spicy kick. The only downside to this snack is the rather deceptively large package that only holds an amount of chips suited for just one person, not to mention that this is one of Oishi’s pre-production chips that are currently unadvertised compared to other Oishi products that are already advertised too much for their worth. The other disadvantage is simply the shape of the chips itself, it attempts to look like a cob yet it looks somehow like those gloves that you would see on a local Jai Alai (squash) game.

Overall, this zesty barbeque-flavoured snack is an almost well-rounded snack which never ceases to amaze the consumer in terms of taste, packaging and sensibility. Oishi, the very snacking company that never fails to deliver quality snacks such as Q-cobs, Cracklings, and Oishi prawn sticks. Where all these delicious treats lean towards innovation of its products and flavor over being simple traditional snacks as some snacking companies do with their trademark brands. To simply put it short, Q-cobs is a snack that is more on the lines of above-average, you can go to your nearest supermarket to inquire of this snack, not to mention of fully trying the snack itself. It is good with dips, suitable with Philadelphia Cheese, Barbeque Sauce or even with Feta Cheese as a start when it comes to maximizing the flavor in these delectable snacks.

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