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Review: Crest Pro Health Toothpaste

Product review of Crest Pro Health Toothpaste

When was the last time you changed toothpaste brands?  I know I don't very often.  I used to switch around between Colgate and Aquafresh, staying away from Crest because it never seemed to give my mouth a long-lasting clean feeling.  But several months ago I learned about Crest's new Pro Health toothpaste and how its unique formula cleans deeper, even eliminating existing tartar build-up and the beginnings of gingivitis.  So because I hadn't been able to visit the dentist in a while, I thought it was in my best interest to find something powerful enough to keep my teeth clean before I have permanent damage and figured I'd give this toothpaste a try.

What is Crest Pro Health?

This toothpaste's main ingredient is stannous fluoride.  It comes in clean mint flavor in an aqua color, with fine granules that froth in the mouth (not as much as you'd think) while brushing.  The label indicates that it fights cavities, gingivitis, and tooth sensitivity, much like many of the other toothpastes out there.  But what's truly different about Crest Pro Health is that it gets between teeth in much the same way as dental floss, to clean around the teeth, and not just the visible surfaces.  I purchased a 4.2 oz. squeeze tube for around $6, but you can find deals for the larger 6 oz. size at places like Walmart that have 2 packs for $18, or just do a search online and you might be able to purchase a 7.8 oz tube for under $5.

My Experience

It seems to have an anise flavor, rather than mint, but it is by no means overpowering, and the taste quickly abates upon brushing and rinsing.  You don't have to use much paste when brushing - a little truly does go a long way.  So far, I've been using the toothpaste for almost 2 months, and although I brush twice a day, I haven't even used half of the tube yet.  After brushing, the clean feeling in your mouth is subtle - it's not like some toothpastes that are like gargling with strong mouthwashes that make your eyes water - yet you can definitely tell that your teeth and gums are cleaner.  Over time, I've noticed that my teeth are easier to clean, and flossing is a breeze.  Some tartar build-up I could see around certain "problem areas" where I tend to have issues has slowly started disappearing.  So while the toothpaste isn't a substitute for going to the dentist, it certainly makes it easier to keep teeth and gums healthier so you spend less time at the dentist.  And that equates to less money spent, in my book.

The Ratings

  • Taste: 4/5

I like it a little mintier, but at the same time, I appreciate that it's not overpowering

  • Value: 4/5

It could be a little cheaper, but at least it's affordable.  In the long-run, the toothpaste pays for itself.

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