Review of B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA
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Review of B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA

I would recommend B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA to anybody who has a need to reduce moisture in their home, but not because of the damp problem as I have. B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA is mainly available on B&Q stores. Currently it’s priced at £79.98

A dehumidifier is a household appliance that is used to remove moisture from the air. They are mostly used for health reasons as humid air can cause mold and mildew to grow inside homes, which has various health risks. The one I’m writing about is produced by B&Q, given the full name, B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA.

Packaging and Features:

B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA comes in a cardboard box with an instruction booklet. The dehumidifier is about 45cm high, 32cm long and 29cm wide with the weight of 9.8 kg. It has a white body with a light blue bucket at the bottom of the front of the machine. Above the bucket there is an air inlet area and a carry handle is on the top of the unit for moving.

The control panel is light blue and next to the handle with three black buttons and one white knob. The three buttons are Operation indicator, Bucket full indicator and Defrost indicator. Operation indicator illuminates when the machine is running; Bucket full indicator illuminates when the bucket is full; Defrost indicator illuminates when the ambient temperature is too low or the air filter becomes clogged.

The air filter is located on the back of the unit for collecting dust contained in the air. There are three setting on the Humidity control knob: Normal knob for operating with humidity controller between 50 - 70% relative humidity; Continuous knob is setting for working continuously if the environment is in very high humidity; the Off setting for shutting the unit down.


It’s very easy to use B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA. First, ensure that the unit is connected to the power socket; Second, make sure the water tank is correctly positioned; Third, turn the humidity control knob to the desired setting: Normal or Continuous; Fourth, the unit will shut down automatically when the desired humidity level is achieved in normal setting or when you turn it to Off position. Fifth, when the water container is full, you need first unplug from power source then remove the tank and empty the collected water. Then replace the bucket and switch the unit on again.

Price and Availability:

B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA is mainly available on B&Q stores. Currently it’s priced at £79.98.

My Opinion:

Over the past three years I have had problems with dampness in my rooms. Suggested by one of my neighbours I bought my B&Q Compact Dehumidifier on September 2009 and paid £63.98.

My first impression of the dehumidifier was pretty good. I liked the white body and light blue bucket. The shape and colour matched my rooms. However when I switched on my machine after unwrapping for 4 hours I realized I was a bit naïve. The dehumidifier made too much noise when it’s working. I began to feel some regret for having purchased it.

But when I saw the windows covered in condensation and the ceilings so damp I decided to tolerate the unpleasant sound. So from last Winter I turned the dehumidifier almost daily in a continuous setting and hoped my damp problem would be resolved. Every time when I saw the bucket full I was happy. To me it’s a positive signal, which means the machine does reduce the level of humidity in the air. Indeed, it was very obvious that the level of humidity was down, particularly after hanging out the washing to dry in the living room or during an inclement period of weather.

However my expectation of the dehumidifier is beyond that. As I said earlier, I bought the B&Q Compact Dehumidifier for resolving my damp problem. After a few months of using it I can’t see any improvement. The ceilings and floors in my bedroom and living room molded again after I cleaned them. In opposite, what I can see is the electricity bill up. Plus I created more housework, such as moving it from one room to another, emptying the bucket and cleaning the air filter, etc. So now to me the dehumidifier is more like a little white elephant of the old legend.

In summary, considering its performance I would recommend B&Q Compact Dehumidifier WDH-610HA to anybody who has a need to reduce moisture in their home, but not because of the damp problem as I have.

Extra information:

B&Q is a British retailer of DIY and home improvement tools and supplies. It was founded in 1969 and is the second largest DIY retailer in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, behind The Home Depot and Lowe's and OBI. It is a subsidiary of the retail group Kingfisher plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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