Toy Story 3 Game for the Wii- A Review Part 1
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Toy Story 3 Game for the Wii- A Review Part 1

Toy Story 3 for the Wii

Since the advent of video game consoles, there has been a steady and relentless advance in the technology required for many modern gaming systems. How many of you remember the incredibly high tech home system Atari, and its revolutionary game PONG. Its blazing speed and stunning 8 bit graphics. Or how about the commodore Vic 20 or the c-64? Now we have systems like the x-box and Wii. Each with the ability to surf the net wirelessly. How far have we come.

Since the release of the animated films Toy Story 1 thru 3, there have been multiple releases of games based off of those movies. This article will focus on part 3. The game offers great 3-d graphics with stunning colors and includes the sound track from the movie. It is well worth the money at $ 29.99 at Toys- r- Us.

The game starts like in the film with Sheriff Woody in the desert. Realizing that the train is in trouble, with orphans aboard, he races into action to save them. But runs into a problem with Ham aka Evil Dr Porkchop. In the game you are Sheriff Woody racing through the canyons on Bullseye to reach the train. during the course through the canyon Dr Porkchop fires lasers at the canyon walls causing massive rocks and boulders to come careening down around you. not only do you have to maneuver to avoid these obstacles, you must also jump over fences and crevasse. During this journey you must also collect coins and " collector cards " in order to unlock new levels and special items. Once this portion is completed, you move onto the train. As you maneuver along the train, again you must collect cards and coins. But this time you must also jump between each car while avoiding aliens, Dr. Porkchop firing lasers and ray guns, while at the same time looking for orphans to rescue. as you find each orphan, Buzz Lightyear appears and take the toy to safety. At the end, in order to move to the next portion of the game, you must defeat Dr. Porkchop by throwing little rubber balls at his spaceship. Once this is done, next comes Andys house.

Once Dr. Porkchop is defeated, you get into a small animation of Ham discussing the previous adventure with other new toys seen in the movie Toy Story 3. He also shows and describes a game board he designed to trace and commemorate their adventures with Andy. Then we get introduced to a portion of the game known as Woodys Roundup.

Woodys Roundup takes place in a old style frontier town. With Ham being the Mayor. The goal is to complete goals and tasks assigned by the mayor, Stinky Pete, and other characters. during this section of the game, you run around collecting various items and gold. You are also given a miners ax to get gold out of rocks. You use this gold to purchase new toys and new levels. For example you can purchase Bullseye from Als Toy Barn, as well as Zurgs fortress and Sid's Nightmares. Again there are collectors cards to be collected to unlock abilities and other toys. If you get tired of the roundup, you can move on to Andys house.

Andys house again follows the movie somewhat. In this section, you can change between Woody, Buzz, and Jessie. Each has special abilities and weaknesses. The goal is to get Andys cell phone in order to have the house phone call it, so Andy will come looking for his phone, thus finding it, will play with the toys one last time. Whew, that was a keyboard full. Anyway, as you progress through the room, you find that it will eventually take all three characters to reach the cell phone. All along the way collecting cards and gold coins. You will jump, climb, shimmy, and throw each other in order to reach the phone. Once this accomplished you move on to the basement.

In Andys basement we find our heroes trying to find Rex, who was sent in search of the cordless phone. but we find Rex is nowhere to be found. But we are now introduced to the soldiers with parachutes. We have to find four of these soldiers and guide them, as they are parachuting, to the cordless phone on a shelf. As they are descending, you must maneuver them around all sorts of obstacles. If you miss or mess up, the Sgt. reprimands you with statements such as" Write home soldier and tell them how pathetic you are. " its a riot. It is nowhere as easy as it sounds. But it is fun. Once this mission is completed you find are off to find Rex.

You find Rex playing a Buzz Lightyear video game ( hint as to the next portion of the game ), Woody reprimands him for playing instead of getting the phone. Buzz steps in and says to Rex " I know you can do it, but make it fast "

We find ourselves in the Gamma Quadrant looking for Zurg. You are Buzz in this sequence. As we open we as Buzz, fly through a canyon blasting rocks and asteroids with our laser. during which you must also dodge and duck over, under, and around various hazards. Once through the canyon you find yourself on a barren plateau. As you begin to advance a meteor storm develops. The goal is to avoid getting hit, and to not be near when the ones that land explode. Eventually a massive meteor hits near you and the landscape is fragments of floating rock. you must jump from one to another to get to more stable ground. Once you do you have to slam portions of rock into the ground, blast green crystals, and destroy robots and land mine spiders. Once we finally get through this, we find ourselves in Zurgs fortress. It can not possibly be described the hazards you must endure and weave through before reaching Zurg. Defeating Zurg is a nightmare at best. But once this is completed you move on the Sunnyside.

Part 2 will entail the adventures from Sunnyside on. As they are completed. This game is great for anybody in your family with the Wii. Happy gaming.

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