You Curl Infiniti by Conair: Review
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You Curl Infiniti by Conair: Review

A review on the You Curl Infiniti;by Conair. It's fast, easy, and has a bunch of good features.

The You Curl Infiniti is great. I have extremely thick hair so all types of curling products FAIL miserably. It usually takes forever for me curl my hair and when I do it doesn't come out how I want it to or it just falls flat. In addition, I'm not an expert so usual curling irons are very difficult to me because the clip always messes me up. When I first saw this product in a "How-To" on YouTube I was like "I need that!" I finally bought it last week, and while I haven't extensively tried it out, I played around with it for a little while. I spent only 20 minutes curling my hair one night before going out and it was SO amazing. It creates those soft, sexy curls that no regular curling iron will. In twenty minutes my hair went from flat and straight to curly in a way that I loved. Also, it stayed that way all night with no product in it at all! It flattened a little but not enough to be disappointed, next time I'll use hair spray to keep the hold. I love it. This no clamp curling iron heats up fast and is easy to use. All you have to do is just wrap the hair around it. This curling iron has ultra heat temperate.(400°F/204°C) But don't worry, it includes a heat-resistant glove too, so you can gold down the ends of the hair to the iron and you won't get burned. What makes this curling iron great is that it's fast and easy, no kinks, it reduces frizz, helps ultimate static, no damaging hot spots, powerful ceramic heater, heats up in 30 seconds, LED indicator lights, professional length line cord, And an auto shut off. Even better thing is it's not that expensive, it's only $44.99, with a limited 5 year warranty. As I already said, this is really easy to use, all you have to do is start off by taking 1-inch piece of the hair and wind it around the barrel all the way down to the cool tip and just hold it for about 30 seconds, and release. Because there's no clip, you can achieve those tighter, bouncier curls. But if you want looser curls, all you have to do is turn the heat down and they'll be loose, free flowing, but still a little bouncy. Cons for this product are none, it works with all hair types.

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